What is a clinical research trial?



Clinical trial, Clinical protocol, Clinical study. They all mean the same thing–a scientific study or a trial to test the effectiveness of a new treatment or medication in human participants.

Through clinical studies, doctors are able to identify new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control, and ultimately treat illnesses. Those who volunteer in these studies know that they are helping to advance medical research into new treatments. And often, volunteers receive compensation for their time and effort.


We have over 40 years of knowledge in conducting Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical studies in partnership with major pharmaceutical sponsors. Our well-trained teams utilize their experience and expertise to provide high quality, data integrity, accurate and timely results for every clinical trial conducted in areas such as neurology and psychiatry.


Clinical research is the number one method in discovering new information about diseases and therapies. Volunteers who participate in clinical trials will be helping in the development of new medical treatments for illnesses. And often receive compensation for their time and effort.

Ongoing Studies

We are currently enrolling in clinical trials in our clinics in Los Angeles County, Orange County and Riverside County. Contact us to participate.

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