Our Clinics

Our Clinic Managers are well qualified with over 30 years of research industry experience and bring with them a wide background in such diverse areas as Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Academics, Consulting, Pharma, CRO, Ratings, Recruitment, Source and Protocol Design.

All of our Clinic Managers perform multiple ratings across a variety of training platforms. We work with all of the major groups such as Bracket, E-Pharma Solutions, ProPhase, Medidata, Training Management Center, Pedagogue, Medivante to provide on-going training and certifications. Each of our Clinic Managers has accreditations in various clinical organizations such as ACRP and APPI to continue their own professional development.

Each Manager leads their local team, but is also aligned and harmonized with company SOP’s and Good Clinical Practice standards through corporate oversight and senior managers. In the clinical conduct and execution of protocols they focus on three main areas: patient safety, quality data and patient recruitment and retention. In addition, adherence to all aspects of the protocol and cutting-edge service to our sponsors and CROs is the cornerstone of our company philosophy.